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    1. Terminal trainer
      Job content:
      1 improve the company training system, formulate a short medium and long term corporate training strategic planning;
      2 responsible for the collection of ceramic industry training information, analysis and summary of the existing training policy effect, improve the training system;
      3 organize the development of training courses and the preparation of training materials;
      4 develop shopping guide star rating program, and is responsible for tracking the implementation;
      Job requirements:
      1, there are well-known brand building materials industry terminal training for more than 3 years of work experience;
      2, can independently prepare related training plan, and organize the arrangement of training;
      3, good at the store, ceramic product knowledge, terminal management training;
      4, dedication, can accept the long-term business trip.
      Job content:
      1 responsible for the specification of the material model, familiar with the responsible for the relevant standards of materials, and the requirements of the purchase order, delivery control.
      2 to update the relevant materials in a timely manner, "the qualified supplier list" and related information.
      3 with the PMC Department of raw materials procurement in place to ensure the smooth progress of production. And do a good job of material delivery information feedback daily table.
      4 track the implementation of the MRB meeting resolution, actively track supplier quality improvement, feedback the results of the supplier response to the quality management department.
      5 follow up all the back positions of the processed products and follow up the stock of the remaining material.
      6 follow up the relevant departments to confirm the results of samples and backcross suppliers within the same day.
      7 subject to the buyer's daily work arrangements, and prepare the.
      8 assist buyer to work.
      9 obey other work assigned by superior.
      Job requirements:
      1 to understand the C1 driver's license, hand wave!
      2 this position is only for women
      3 location: Guan Tan Village Industrial Zone

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