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    1. QTZ5008 tower crane with 50m jib

      QTZ5008 tower crane with 50m jib

    2.  QTZ5008

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    4.  84262000

    5.  QTZ5008

    6.  Construction Usage, Workshop Usage, Container Usage, Mineral Area Usage

    7.  Wire Rope

    8.  Electric

    9.  Assembled

    10.  New

    11.  Siemens or Schneider

    12.  Free Maintenance Planetary Reducer and Cone Brake

    13.  Good for Operator

    14.  29m

    15.  ISO9001, CE, SGS

    16.  84262000

    17.  Tower Crane

    18.  Slewing Tower Crane

    19.  Tower Lift Boom

    20.  Fixed

    21.  ISO9001: 2000, CE

    22.  Chinese Famous Steel Company

    23.  Brake Wheel

    24.  Winding Motor and Hydraulic Transmission

    25.  a Complete Set of Safety Devices

    26.  HSJJ

    27.  China

    28. Detail


      Description of QTZ series tower Crane
      1) the tower crane is one of the most popular type and hot-selling self-erecting tower crane, which is researched and designed by Institute of Building Mechanization of China Academy of Building Research. It absorbs many advanced technology both from China mainland and abroad.
      2) We adopt to use Dual drawbars structure on lifting boom, which enables the lifting boom to be unfer no stress at lifting surface other than uniaxial stress, and moreover, it gets rid of the stress peak. It greatly improves the fatigue safety performance of lifting boom.
      3) Adopts VVVF stepless speed variation device for lifting, radius changing and slewing mechanisms, to make sure it works steadily and effectively, it also lowers the maintenance cost.
      4)We can offer crane standard sections such as the FO/23B standard sections for customers to choose from. 
      3. Our Service
      1.) Providing timely delivery, standby engineers are ready to solve any problems
      2.) Providing 12 (twelve only)months product warranty period,with ample spare parts
      3.) Providing work site installation guidance and training of operation and maintenances

      table of tech data and fitting spare parts

      rated lifting torqueKN.m500
       max. lifting capacityt24
       working rangem3 - 50
       lifting capacity at jib tipt0.8
      the range of max. lifting capacitym20.9710.96
       crane height
       basic heightm30

       with wall tie in12060

       Dimension of crane  foundation basem6.0×6.0

      Height of crane basic height38.284

       with wall tie in126.484

      distance from jib tip to slewing center50.94

      Distance from counter boom tip to slewing center12.816

      Weight of crane basic heightt24

      with wall tie int42.7


      others power of motorskW24.9
      Allowed wind at the max. heightgrade≤6
      Allowed operating temperatureDeg c-20~40




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