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    1. QTZ3506 tower crane with 35m jib

      QTZ3506 tower crane with 35m jib

      •  qtz25

      •  2.5~35

      •  38.6

      •  20.85

      •  Corporation certificate

      •  842620

      •  250

      •  32.5

      •  13.7

      •  HSJJ

      •  China


      tower crane 
      Company information--HSJJ 

      HSJJ is mainly engaged in producing and selling tower crane and elevator. tower crane (tower top type and flat top type)and construction elevator (single cage and double cage with common motor or vfd). 

      1) QTZ series tower crane is one of the key product of HSJJ company, which have competitive price and excellent quality, suitable for all kinds of construction projects for various kinds of work condition. 
      2) This kind of crane adopts standard section hydraulic lifting and connecting.The max. height can reach 180m with wall tie ins. 
      3) It has high working speed, good speed-adjusting performance, steady operation and high efficiency. Three-speed motor and mono-speed ratio decelerator are applied in the lifting struction, which enables heavy load low speed and light load high speed. 
      The range-change structure drives the trolley moving on the horizontal crang jib, with good positioning performance. Planet gear decelerator is applied in the circumgyrating structure, together with moment-limiting hydraulic coupler, which can relize high load capacity, steady starting and reliable operation. 
      4) The crane has complete set of safety devices, which can guarantee the safe and high efficienct operation. The crane is equipped with lifting height limiter, trolley ranging limiter, moment limiter, weight limiter etc.. 
      5)The cranehas scientific layout and handsome appearance. The drivers cab is set independently on one side, with good vision field. It creates a good working environment for the operator. 

      List of performance and fitting mechanism 


      rated lifting torquekN·m250
      max. lifting capacityt2.5
      working rangem2.5~35
      lifting speedm/min27/13.5
       Minimum stable descending speedm/min≤7
      slewing speedr/min0.74
      ranging speedm/min26
      foundation framem6.0×6.0
      Fromlifting jib tip to slewing center36.23
      From counterweight jib tip to slewing center9.985
      total weight without counterweightt13.7
      weight of foundationt30
      Otherstotal motor powerkW20.85
      allowed Wind grade on crane top
      allowed operating temperatureoC-20~+40

      Our service 
      ----Providing timely delivery, standby engineers are ready to slove any of your problem in time. 
      ----we provide one years warranty for the steel structure. 
      ----Providing all-embraced warranty of products quality, worksite installation guidance 
      ----Providing ample spare parts and training of operation and maintenance 
      ----Engineers have more than 5 years' experience. 


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