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    1. Create a new category of new category of quartz brick indust

      In March 2015, the introduction of a strong 1cm quartz brick debut Xiamen stone, its guide quartz brick indoor&outdoor "indoor and outdoor" Application of the new concept has been further spread and recognized in the show.
      Company CEO Yao Wenjiang introduced the advantages of quartz brick
      March 4th, in its new headquarters exhibition held a media conference, will be the course of many years and achievements have been sorted out the media. Limited liability company CEO Yao Wenjiang introduction, from the 2010 first 2CM quartz brick, has been working with the European and American markets, to win recognition and respect, stick to the top of the quartz brick category. In 2015 Xiamen stone exhibition, was introduced to the media the 1CM quartz brick, and that the future will has roots in this category and the quartz brick, quartz brick brand to the world.
      In fact, quartz brick is one of Italy's top brands of ceramic tile product category, the product has been internationally renowned designer material of all ages, and launched a new 1cm quartz brick also has a water absorption rate below 0.1%, and the international PEI4-5 grade quartz brick high density high wear quality, by the industry as the pinnacle of quartz brick. Yao Wenjiang believes that with the domestic consumers decoration of indoor and outdoor pursuits, quartz brick with natural and downy, show its natural characteristics such as be the same outside and inside, will get more and more market share. "Is willing to assume the responsibility to promote and spread quartz brick category, so that more consumers understand and accept the category of quartz brick.

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